whatever the message you NEED delivered to homeowners...

Success is never an accident here at TC Direct. It's the result of a propriety process that works.

Advice with no strings

Every campaign starts with a conversation. We give you ideas, insights and advice. We help you understand your target group better and how to reach them. We make recommendations that are unbiased and not dependent on you working with us.

Targeting using the best data

Using the best, more accurate data sources in Canada, we help you clarify the profile of your target group and suggest the best approach to reaching them.

Feedback on the campaign creative

Will the offer work? Will the creative work? We provide expert feedback on your campaign strategy based on our experience managing and analyzing hundreds of similar promotions.

Delivery using the most appropriate means

We recommend the best way to reach your customers (direct mail, direct-to-door, newspaper, online advertising) based on your budget and goals.

Expert management every step of the way

Through our solid capabilities in every aspect of the process, we manage every campaign flawlessly. You never have to worry.

Tracking success with analytics

We use a variety of analytics to track the numbers. That way, you learn what's working best and can refine future campaigns for even greater success.